Mobile development

Mobile development refers to developing applications that run on mobiles. They can be native or hybrid/cross-platform.

πŸ€– Native applications are written in the operating system (ex: Android) language (ex: Kotlin). They are optimized for the operating system and enable developers to create feature-rich applications.

🌍 Hybrid or cross-platform applications can be written in many languages such as JavaScript (React Native, Flutter)... Such applications are usually easier to develop, but they may be less performant or not cover some needed platform-specific functionalities.

Android and iOS native mobile development involves different tools and languages. A short summary:

Android iOS
Language Kotlin | Java Swift | Objective-C
IDE Android Studio XCode
Networking Retrofit Alamofire
Store Google Play Store Apple App Store

See also: Kotlin Multiplatform for cross-platform native apps (beta).

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