Web Browsers


  • Chromium
  • Edge (Chromium, Microsoft, their analytics, many useless things)
  • Chrome (Chromium, tracked by Google, good)
  • Firefox (Focus on Privacy/Security, so the UX is lacking)
  • Tor (Firefox, VPN, more secure)
  • Opera (Chromium, slow VPN, more secure, analytics...)
  • Opera GX (Opera, fast VPN, Chinese, features for gamers)
  • Brave (Chromium, more secure, privacy-focused)
  • Midori (open-source)

Shorten URLs

Search engines

  • Google
  • DuckDuckGo (Privacy-focused, fetch results from others)
  • Qwant (French)
  • Ecosia (Focus on privacy and ecology)
  • Yahoo
  • Bing (Microsoft)
  • Yandex (Russian)
  • StartPage

Saving one page

  • Archive.org
  • ArchiveBox (self-install)
  • SingleFile plugin (save a page, its images... as one HTML file)
  • Your browser (Right-click > Save As or use CTRL+S)
  • Your browser (CTRL+P/Print, and select "Save as PDF")