Unity Game Engine 👑

Unity is a popular game engine that can be used to create:

  • đŸ–Ĩī¸ PC Games
  • ☎ī¸ Mobile Games
  • 🎮 Console Games
  • 📟 Browser Games
  • ✍ī¸ Short Movies
  • 👓 Augmented Reality Games (AR)
  • 🌍 Virtual Reality Games (VR)

The editor is written in C++ while our code is written in C#.

To use and download Unity, you need to subscribe to a plan: personal, student, or professional.

đŸĢ Before, Unity offered Snaps student bundle at $1 for students. Now, students can redeem the Synty student bundle.

Version Control in Unity

Version control systems are used to keep track of the different versions of a project. Learn more about Version Control here.

Unity projects commonly use Git.

These folders are generated and should not be stored on Git:

  • Library
  • Temp
  • Logs
  • Packages

Avoid storing big files (images, artist files, etc.) too.

Since it can be hard to learn, we often use plugins or tools such as GitHub Desktop which handle git commands for us.

There are also Git plugins inside Unity:

The main problem is that they store big files using Git LFS which is mostly a paid service as it has impractical limitations for free users.

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