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RSync is a protocol to synchronize the file between two folders, which is usually on different hosts. It's often used on Linux systems.

🐊️ Port: 873 (TCP)

It's possible to create rsync modules, which are essentially the same as shared folders such as with NFS or SMB.

RSync Pentester Notes ☠️

  • Try to list the rsync modules
$ sudo nmap -sV -p 873 IP
$ nc -nv IP 873
  • Enumerate an open module
$ rsync -av --list-only rsync://IP/module_name

πŸ‘» To-do πŸ‘»

Stuff that I found, but never read/used yet.

  • rsync: sync two folders, often used for large amount of data, rsync -av s d (archive verbose) -z --backup --backup-dir=/xxx (restore) --delete -e ssh
  • -e "ssh -p22"
  • Deja Dup, Duplicity