PHPStorm is a back-end IDE (PHP, PHP frameworks, Node.js, Databases, Composer) powered by JetBrains exclusively available in a paid version.

πŸ‘‰ JetBrains IDEs share many features explained here.


  • 🌱 preview code in any browser with auto-refresh on change
  • πŸš€ recognize old code snippets and suggest upgrades
  • πŸ”₯ recognize simple mistakes and suggest fixes
  • ⏳ can generate common code snippets (equals, getters...)
  • ...

Product-specific features

Remote development

🌱 You can code directly on a remote server. No need to install tools on your computer, but it means users may see your changes.

Press CTRL+ALT+S or βš™οΈ > Settings. Navigate to Build... then Deployment. From there, create a new configuration.

  • enter your SFTP credentials
  • the root path is the path to your project on the remote host
  • the webserver URL isn't your website URL. If they are different, then you should set mappings
  • in excluded paths, you can exclude some folders from upload

Navigate to Options within Deployment, and select a condition for uploading files, such as Always.


You can set up the PHP interpreter that will be used to execute scripts or install tools when using some IDE features.

  • Open the IDE Settings
  • Click on the PHP section
  • Click on [...] on the PHP CLI interpreter line
  • Add a new interpreter
    • Set PHP executable to the PHP binary
    • Set PHP configuration to the php.ini file
  • Go back and select your interpreter in the list

Composer install

Instead of installing composer.phar, you can download composer.phar from the IDE and load it using your PHP CLI.

  • Open the IDE Settings
  • Navigate to PHP > Composer
  • Select "composer.phar" in "execution"
  • Click on "download" and select your PHP interpreter
  • Apply and exit