Virtual Network Computing (VNC)


Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a protocol used to access a desktop with a graphical interface from another computer over a network connection. It's similar to RDP. It uses the RFB protocol.

It can optionally allow the remote user to control the keyboard and the mouse, on top of the remote computer.

🐊️ Port: 5900 to 5909 (TCP) - each port is a display

Mainly used on Linux.

VNC tools (server/client):

  • TigerVNC
  • TightVNC
  • RealVNC (πŸ”’++)
  • UltraVNC (πŸ”’++)

You can use Remmina client. Select VNC instead of RDP in the dropdown next to the IP address field.

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Stuff that I found, but never read/used yet.

  • virtual mode/sessions
  • xtightvncviewer ip:port (SSH tunneling first?)