Discord is a popular voice and text messaging application.

Discord utilities


Markdown Messages

You can use Markdown in your discord messages

`inline code`
> quote

int main(void){



A few basic tips:

  • Hold Shift to see more shortcuts on a message, and disable the confirmation popup when removing a message
  • Use CTRL+R to reload Discord, instead of manually restart it

Create a bot

A few useful links:



  • This is a tool allowing us to install plugins, themes... (GitHub)
  • Nowadays, devtools (CTRL-SHIFT-I) can only be enabled using BetterDiscord. Go to BetterDiscord Settings | Settings > Dev Settings > DevTools
Install BetterDiscord
Install plugins
  • Settings > plugin > open the plugin folder (C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\plugins)
  • plugins can be found here
  • Copy and paste a plugin inside the folder
  • Go back to discord and don't forget to enable the plugin
  • If you have a problem updating a plugin, backup its data and reinstall it.