Rider is a .NET IDE (C#, Unity, Unreal Engine, .NET, C++...) powered by JetBrains and exclusively available in a paid version.

πŸ‘‰ JetBrains IDEs share many features explained here.


  • 🌱 provide advanced support for game engines
  • πŸš€ recognize old code snippets and suggest upgrades
  • πŸ”₯ recognize simple mistakes and suggest fixes
  • ⏳ can generate common code snippets (equals, getters...)
  • 🫧 inform and suggest fixes for many code smells
  • ...

Product-specific features


Rider implements the concept called solution (source). A solution is a sort of master project composed of multiple related projects.

Assuming a ClassLibrary with MyClass.cs:

namespace ClassLibrary1.Sub;

public class MyClass
    public void Main()
        Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");

Inside another project of the solution, you can use:

using ClassLibrary1.Sub; // ex: in Program.cs

var myClass = new MyClass();

By triggering JetBrains import features, you can automatically add the new project to the project file.

      <ProjectReference Include="..\ClassLibrary1\ClassLibrary1.csproj" />

Dotnet executable

The dotnet executable is installed at: C:\Users\<username>\.dotnet\dotnet.exe on Windows.

πŸ’‘ When building and running a program, you can see that path.

Solution To File System

You can use this dropdown to see the .csproj files and other files hidden by the default solution view.


Unity Game Engine

To use Rider as the script editor in Unity, navigate to: Edit > Preferences > External tools. If Rider is not detected, browse it:

  • Search Rider in Windows Search bar
  • Right-click > Shown in explorer
  • Right-click again > Shown in explorer
  • Double-click on the path > copy the path
  • Then in Unity, paste the path
  • And select "rider64"