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The gpg tool can be used to encrypt files, using a passphrase, which is like a password. It can also be used to sign something. For instance, GitHub allows you to sign your commits using GPG keys.

To encrypt something, you could do this. It will generate a file.gpg

$ gpg --cipher-algo AES-256 --symmetric file

And, to decrypt (no passphrase is asked if it is cached)

$ gpg -d file.gpg
# generate back your file

A private key can be used instead of a passphrase. To decrypt a file that was encrypted using a private key:

$ gpg --import xxx.key [...]

πŸ” To crack a gpg encrypted file, refer to password brute force.

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Stuff that I found, but never read/used yet.

  • PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). GnuPG/GPG = implementation from the GNU project.