OpenVAS (2.6k ⭐) is an open-source vulnerability scanner.

$ sudo apt-get install gvm
$ sudo ls /etc/postgresql
15 16
$ # we can't change gvm port, so use postgresql 15
$ # we could also edit postgresql ports to swap their ports
$ sudo cat /usr/share/gvmd/postgresql-version
$ sudo gvm-setup
$ #sudo openvas
$ #gvm-start

Click on the top-left icon to configure the targets to scan.

Scans Available πŸ”₯

  • Basic πŸ”Ž: identify host status and operating system
  • Host Discovery πŸ—ΊοΈ: identify live hosts (reachable and responsive)
  • System Discovery 🐟: identify host, services, ports, hardware, etc.
  • Fast/Full πŸͺ²: vulnerability scans

➑️ See also: OpenVAS Reporting.